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Author: Anna Crichton

The Zara DogDog Club was created by Anna Crichton in 2018. As Anna raised her two children alongside her own dog Zara (whom Zara DogDog is based on), she felt inspired by how the children and their friends interacted with dogs. With little child-friendly information available, Anna felt that an engaging story format could bridge the communication gap between dog and child. One thing led to another and The Zara DogDog Club was born; a unique hub for child-friendly information centered around how to understand dogs better.

Illustrator: Siobhan Barlow

Siobhan Barlow brings to life Zara DogDog through her wonderful illustrations. As a fellow dog owner and professional dog walker, Siobhan truly understands the body language and essence of a dog that needs to come across both clearly and subtly in the book series. Zara DogDog is one of her favourite projects because it brings together her two passions: drawing and dogs!

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