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Bringing your new dog home

The moment is finally here, you're bringing your dog home for the first time. What do you need to prepare?

Dog bowls

It's obvious but could easily be one of those things that gets overlooked in the excitement of collecting your dog. A water bowl and food bowl are essential for keeping your dog fed and watered. If you are getting a large breed, consider a stand that raises their bowls off the floor to help with digestion.


You'll need a lead when you collect the dog to ensure you get them to and from the car safely.

Collar and dog tag

A collar which is the right size and strength for the breed and age of the dog is essential. In fact, a dog tag including your name and address is a legal requirement.

Dog bed and crate

You may be worried that a dog crate looks like a mini prison but actually, it can create a safe space for your dog. Allowing the dog to know they can be safe in their bed is a big comfort for them, especially as they become used to their new surroundings and family members.

Pet insurance

Who knows what could go wrong in those first few days. Getting your dog insured as soon as possible is really important. If you set up an appointment with your vet, you can get your dog insured with Petplan straight away. Otherwise, you may need to wait two weeks before your dog is covered.


Help your dog start to interact with family members with some gentle games. It will also be additional stimulation for them.

Dog food

Depending on where you're getting your dog from, speak to the breeder, vet, charity to find out about the dog's existing diet and get recommendations about what they should eat in your care.

Training treats

There's no need to wait to start training. Using treats to positively reinforce good behaviour can start anytime. While your dog may not be allowed out before it's had certain vaccinations, try some recall training and basic commands in your home.

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