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Christmas Gift Guide for Dogs

Dogs are part of the family and this means that they shouldn’t be forgotten at Christmas. If your dog has made it onto Santa’s Nice list, they may find that they are lucky enough to discover a present under the tree on Christmas day. You may want to go shopping and choose a gift for your furry best friend too, but since your dog can’t tell you what they would like, it’s up to you and your grown-ups to figure out the best present to get your pooch this Christmas season!

To help you decide what to buy, we’ve put together this little Christmas gift guide with some presents that your dog may love.

Squeaky Toys

Nearly all dogs love squeaky toys. They enjoy the sound that they make, the way that they get our attention and that they can get the toy to make the sound all by themselves. There are a huge range of different squeaky toys to choose from. Some are soft toys containing squeakers which are fairly easy to get sound from. Stronger, bigger dogs may prefer a plastic or rubber toy containing a squeaker as they may last longer.

Edible Gifts

Many people think that treats made of rawhide are good for dogs. They can be chewed for hours meaning that they last for a long time. However, eventually they become soft like bubble-gum and could get stuck in your dog’s airway or stomach – a dangerous and even deadly problem. Instead, stick with natural foods and homemade treats that won’t be harmful. Check out these recipes that you can make with your grown up!

Big Brain Time Toys

Dogs are very smart and need to exercise their brain as well as their body. Bored dogs can start doing things like chewing and digging which can make your grown-ups feel annoyed, so giving them a present that keeps their brain busy will make everyone happy. There’s dog puzzle toys that release treats like this maze or this Kong Stuff-A-Ball which can be stuffed with your dog’s favourite treat.

Pampered Pooch

Every owner likes to spoil their pet, so why not pamper them with some lovely products designed to help them look and feel fantastic? We love this luxury dog pamper kit, Dogwood’s range of shampoos and Be:soft dog paw and nose balm that helps to soothe skin that can become dry, cracked and painful in the winter months.

Keep them warm

Your dog deserves to be warm and cosy this Christmas. You can help keep them comfortable by getting them a doggy jacket to wear over the winter months, like these trendy Barbour wax coats or booties to protect their feet, like these stylish snowboots from RuffWear. For indoors or travelling, a new, personalised blanket can make a great Christmas gift for your dog.

We hope this helps you to pick out the paw-fect gift for your dog this Christmas!

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