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Dog safety in the car

We spoke to Claire Harris from Pets 2 Places, the world’s first pet taxi franchise, to hear her advice for keeping dogs safe on car journeys.

When you get into a car, a grown up always tells you to put on a seat belt right? That’s because it keeps you safe in case there’s an accident.

But what about when a dog gets in the car? Does the dog wear a seat belt too?

Dogs need to be safe in cars too. That’s why there’s a seat belt designed especially for them called a harness. Not just any harness though; a special one that’s been crash tested. That means if there was a car accident, the dog would be as safe as you would be with your seat belt on.

Some people travel with their dogs in the boot of their car. This is a good place for a bigger dog to sit. It can lay down and have lots of space. If a dog sits in the boot it won’t need a harness, but it does need to have a dog guard and tail gate to protect it and any passengers in front.

A dog guard and tail gate look kind of like a cage. A dog guard is secured between the boot and the back seats, so you can still see your dog and it can see you. It might even be able to fit its tongue through to lick your ear!

A tail gate goes right at the back of the boot where the boot opens. This will protect the dog in case the car is hit from behind.

So, next time you travel with a dog, you know to make sure the driver has secured it with the right safety measures.

Then you’re ready to go on your next adventure!

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