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Doggy Diets

Updated: Jun 1, 2022

Doggy Diets: What Sort of Food Should Your Dog Be Eating?

Most dogs enjoy their food – and yours too given the chance! But with lots of different types of dog food available, have you ever really thought about why you feed your dog what you do? And how do you know if it’s the best food for your furry pal? Let’s have a look at the main doggy diets and what you should do to decide which is right for your pet.

Kibble diet

Some owners choose to feed their dog's kibble. Kibble is usually made from a combination of ingredients. These include grains like wheat, protein sources such as beef and chicken, starches and fruits and vegetables. It also contains vitamins and minerals to make sure it has everything needed to keep your dog healthy. However, not all kibbles are the same quality, and some are healthier for your dog than others. For example, good kibble diets have a protein listed first on the label and the best ones have only one type of protein. Kibble can be stored easily and doesn’t cost as much as some types of food.

Raw diet

Some owners like to feed their dogs a raw diet. This means giving them the meat before it has been cooked. It is usually combined with other uncooked ingredients such as vegetables like potatoes and carrots. Owners who feed their dogs a raw diet claim that it is more natural and has benefits such as healthier skin, shinier coats and cleaner teeth. However, there are also some risks with feeding your furry pal raw food. The main one is that it could make your dog sick. The cooking process usually kills any harmful bacteria that could be found in meat and vegetables but choosing raw food means that this doesn’t happen and they (and you as you handle their food) could become seriously poorly.

Tinned/canned food diet

This is also known as a wet diet because the food is kept in tin cans and contains a lot of water. Many owners prefer to feed their dogs a tinned food diet because they can contain lots of good ingredients that help keep their dogs healthy. They also contain less of the grains which can sometimes make them put on too much weight or cause an allergic reaction. Tinned food is usually quite cheap, doesn’t need to be kept in the fridge and fills up your dog faster too, meaning that they eat less.

Which diet should I feed my dog?

All dogs are different, so there is no easy answer to this question. If your dog is happy on their current diet and not experiencing any problems like an upset tummy, it may be that what they are eating is perfect for them. If you aren’t sure, or you would like extra advice just to be sure, your vet is the best person to ask. They know and understand your pet and will be able to recommend the perfect type of diet to keep them healthy and happy.

For more information about different doggy diets, and advice on how to be a caring and responsible dog owner, sign up to the Zara Dog Dog Club today!

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