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Summer is coming

What to Consider When Taking Your Dog to the Beach

Summer is just around the corner and warmer, sunnier weather means more opportunities to head down to the beach for lots of fun. But before you pack your bucket and spade and strap your doggo into the car, there are some things you need to think about to help keep them safe.

Here are our top tips about what to consider when taking your dog to the beach.

Is your dog allowed on the beach?

Although there are lots of beaches around the UK, not all of them are doggy-friendly. Some only allow dogs on the beach outside of the summer and some not at all. You can find out which beaches allow dogs by looking online or checking out signs on the beach when you arrive.

Remember to take poo bags!

Part of the fun of the beach is walking around barefoot and playing in the sand. Nobody wants to accidentally tread in or touch dog poop and doing so could make you sick and smelly. Make sure you pack poo bags and use them whenever your dog needs to go. Most dog-friendly beaches have special poop bins for you to get rid of the rubbish too.

Check to see if it’s safe to swim

If your dog loves the water, they will probably be excited to get into the sea to splash around, and even swim. However, tides and sea conditions can be unpredictable, so you should make sure it’s safe to go in the water. Look for signs or flags warning you not to swim – a red flag or a sign with a white circle with a red line through it tell you it’s not safe to go in the water.

Consider a doggy life vest

Even if you think your dog is a strong swimmer, swimming in the sea can be very different to a small river or swimming pool. You can buy life vests that will help keep your doggy afloat if they get tired or need extra support. And never let your dog swim without you or a grown upgrown-up watching them. If you worry your dog is struggling in the water, tell your grown upgrown-up straight away.

Keep your dog cool and safe from the sun

Some summer days can get really hot, and this puts your dog at risk of heatstroke. Heatstroke happens when your dog can’t cool their body down, and it can be deadly. Make sure you have some shade for your dog and avoid having them in direct sunlight, especially during the middle part of the day. The sand can get very hot too. If you can’t walk on it barefoot without it burning your feet, it’s too hot for your dog’s paws and you should either protect them or take your dog home. Finally, just like us, dogs can get sunburn – especially if they have short hair. The good news is that you can buy doggy sunscreen to protect their skin.

Take plenty of bottled water

Playing on the beach is thirsty work and dogs need to drink plenty, especially when it’s hot and they are being active. Make sure you remember to take a travel bowl and plenty of bottles of water with you. Some dogs like to drink seawater, and while a very small amount won’t hurt them, you should encourage them to drink bottled water instead.

Spending time on the beach is great fun, especially if your doggo can come too. If you’d like more tips on how to take care of your dog in the summer, check out this awesome video from the RSPCA. And keep checking back with the Zara Dog Dog Club for more helpful advice!

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