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The importance of a dog tag

Have you ever wondered why dogs wear collars?

Dogs of all breeds and sizes wear collars for a few reasons:

1) You can attach a lead to it and take them for walks

2) You can grab them quickly if they suddenly try to get away

3) You can attach a dog tag to it. What's a dog tag?

Dog tag by Oil Juste

A dog tag is a small piece of metal that includes information that can help if the dog gets lost.

On the dog tag, you can include important information such as the name and address of the owner. In fact, the UK law states that it must include this. Some people also include their dog's name, others prefer not to in case

someone tries to take the dog without permission.

If a dog is found without a dog tag, the law states that it can be treated as a ‘stray dog’ and collected by a dog warden. Owners who allow this to happen can be fined up to £5,000 for the expenses involved in seizing and caring for the dog, so it’s definitely worth following the rules.

Having a dog tag is so important if a dog gets lost because it means that whoever finds it can contact the the owner straight away and get it home.

Another way of making sure a dog can be traced back to its owner is with a microchip. These can be painlessly inserted into the dog's neck (usually as a puppy) and then the data about the owner is stored electronically. If the dog is found, a vet or dog warden can scan the microchip and find out the owner's details. Clever isn't it?

If you, or anyone you know loses a dog they can also let people know at Dog Lost - a website dedicated to finding lost dogs.

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