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Where do dogs sleep?

Updated: Feb 22, 2020

Where do dogs sleep?

You have a bedroom, right? Perhaps it has your name on the door, a bed with your favourite duvet cover, your toys stacked on the shelf. But what about dogs? They don’t usually have their own bedroom do they?

Well they used to. Many years ago, it was normal for dogs to be kept outside for most of the day and they had a little house outside called a kennel for them to rest and sleep in. You might think it’s not very fair that a dog should stay outside all day but that’s how they were treated back then, and what they were used to.

Dogs have been kept as pets for thousands of years but before that, they were wild wolves who roamed free with no owners.

Over time, as humans have kept them by their side as pets, dogs have become calmer, more obedient (they do what they’re told most of the time!), and more of a member of the family. We call this becoming "domesticated".

Now, we treat them as family members as well and most pet dogs live inside the house, they have their own bed (or perhaps sneak on the sofa!), often their own toy box and home comforts like you do.

It’s up to each dog owner where they let their dog sleep but it’s a good idea to give them somewhere that’s their own space so they can retreat to rest when they’ve had enough of playing or just need some peace and quiet.

Try not to go up to your dog when they’re in their bed because it’s nice to let them have their own space, somewhere that's safe. If they want to play with you then they’ll let you know.

Do you have a photo of your dog sleeping? Share it with us in the comments below!

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