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Why do dogs eat grass?

When you let your dog out in the garden, or when you go on walks with your dog, from time to time you have probably seen them eat grass. Obviously, grass isn’t something we think of as food so it can be confusing and even worrying. The good news is that although this behaviour is strange to us as humans, there isn’t normally anything to worry about. So why do dogs eat grass?

They like the taste

The thought of eating grass may make you feel sick, but there are plenty of dogs who seem to enjoy the taste of it. Many experts say that grass to a dog is a little like salad to a human – refreshing, yummy, filling and even a little nutritious. Provided that your dog is eating a healthy, balanced diet the rest of the time and they aren’t suffering any problems from eating grass, there’s no reason to worry about them eating a little as long as it isn’t too often.

They are trying to make themselves sick

Dogs are well known for not being too fussy when it comes to what they eat. Unfortunately, this can mean that sometimes they eat things that upset their tummy. If they eat something that makes them feel sick, they may want to try and actually be sick to stop the feeling. Eating grass is one way of making them vomit. This is because if they eat the grass very quickly without chewing it up, it will tickle their throat and make them sick. If your dog does this from time to time, it’s not anything to worry about. However, if they eat grass and then are sick afterwards often, it’s important that you take them to see your vet for a check-up.

While it’s normally ok for your dog to eat grass, here are a few important things to remember:

  • Make sure that the grass your dog eats is as clean as possible and free from chemicals. For example, if your grown-ups have used special chemicals called pesticides on your garden, it’s important that you don’t let your dog eat your grass as these are toxic to animals.

  • Your dog should still be eating their normal food. If they are only eating grass and refusing their usual meals, you should take them to see your vet.

  • Some parasites can be passed on by eating grass. These are creatures that live inside your dog’s body and can make them sick. Parasites that can be picked up from eating grass include lungworm, which is passed on by slugs and snails, and other worms which are found in the poop of wild animals and other pets. It’s important that your dog has had their worming medicine to stop them being affected by these parasites.

  • Grass is a good source of fibre, which is a nutrient that all animals need to be able to poop without pain. This means that a little bit of grass in their diet may actually be good for your dog!

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